Remembering the most chaotic trade show, E3

E3 and KnowTechie have a storied history. As the dude who has been to four trade shows over the last decade for the site, I’m sad to let you all know that as of December 12th, 2023, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is dead as a doorknob. I can’t say I didn’t call it, but at the same time, it still stings to know we are losing the show for future generations. E3 had a history of studios backing out E3 was off to a rocky start when they held their first trade show back in 1995. They became the go-to trade fair for the latest gaming news, games, and projects. E3, for the longest time, was an industry-only show, meaning if you weren’t a writer, reporter, investor, or anything industry-aligned, there was no way you were getting on that tradeshow floor. Image: Push Square My first E3 was after the show returned to the LA Convention Center in California. It was a wild time, Nintendo announced, but didn’t show the Wii U; the new generation of consoles were on the horizon. I was incredibly inexperienced in the industry, but the floor was exciting. I fell in absolute love with that environment. It had been a dream come true to visit and work the show. It takes a lot to get me emotional, but standing in the middle of the west hall got me a little teary-eyed. I covered another show before joining KnowTechie team; by the time I started working…Remembering the most chaotic trade show, E3

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