Reselling a Cybertruck? Tesla’s $50K fine might stop you

Guess who’s back? The infamous Tesla warning to Cybertruck resellers and scalpers, it seems. A recent Cybertruck buyer believes they’ve stumbled upon a hidden vein—Tesla’s $50,000 legal warning. They discovered it lurking in the truck’s order agreement. The buyer was quick to share the news, posting a screenshot of this clause on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum on Friday. This exact choice of words is a mirror image of the reseller clause that caused quite a stir about a month back. What does the clause state? The screenshot showed, quite interestingly, that Cybertruck buyers need Tesla’s permission if they aim to sell the vehicle within their first year of ownership. Basically, it means you’ve got to party with your Cybertruck for a year before thinking about parting ways. This was revealed by Electrek, and it’s said the text went on to add the mighty blow. Image: Reddit It spelled out that Tesla “may seek injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of title of the Vehicle or demand liquidated damages from you in the amount of $50,000 or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater.” Tesla is silent – or is it? Now, the million-dollar question—has Tesla confirmed this? Well, the EV giant has neither confirmed nor denied the apparent legal threat. In layman’s terms, it hasn’t made any public statement. Still, there’s no word on whether this restriction will blanket all Cybertruck sales or be reserved just for the first production edition, eloquently christened…Reselling a Cybertruck? Tesla’s $50K fine might stop you

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