Right-wing U.S. Twitter influencers, Chinese followers, and Guo Wengui

On multiple occasions over the last few years, popular right-wing U.S. Twitter accounts have gained large numbers of Chinese-language followers. Although these followers show little evidence of automation or obvious signs of inauthenticity (at least, to researchers who lack the ability to read Chinese), they do have one interesting thing in common: they promote content from websites connected to recently-arrested Chinese billionaire and Steve Bannon associate Guo Wengui, chiefly GNews.org. The prominent U.S. Twitter accounts followed by these Chinese-language accounts include U.S. Representative @DrPaulGosar (R-AZ), @WarRoomPandemic (a suspended account associated with Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast), Bannon’s daughter @maureen_bannon, and right-wing alternative social media platform @GETTRofficial.one day you’re a dentist, the next day you’re a Republican congressman getting spam-followed by foreign Twitter accountsIn late March and early April 2020, U.S. Representative Paul Gosar’s personal Twitter account @DrPaulGosar gained roughly a thousand followers, 981 of which were accounts that mostly tweet in Chinese. (Gosar’s account also experienced a sudden influx of Portuguese-language followers in late November 2020, which largely tweeted in support of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro.) After YouTube, the website most frequently shared by the Chinese-language Twitter accounts following @DrPaulGosar was Steve Bannon/Guo Wengui project GNews.org.this table (especially the presence of GNews.org) is representative of the Chinese-language followers of the other accounts mentioned in this articlemany of @WarRoomPandemic’s early followers tweeted primarily in ChineseIn 2019, U.S. political operative Steve Bannon launched a new podcast called “War Room”, and in February 2020 he created an accompanying @WarRoomPandemic Twitter account (suspended…Right-wing U.S. Twitter influencers, Chinese followers, and Guo Wengui

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