Robotics Expert Says AI Hype Is Due for a Brutal Reality Check

Winter Is Coming Famed roboticist Rodney Brooks, who co-founded the company iRobot — which invented the Roomba — has been keeping score on the AI industry. And from where he’s standing, the near future of AI isn’t looking too hot, in spite of its countless hype men who he says are due a harsh reality check. In his latest annual Predictions Scorecard on the tech sector, the former director of MIT’s AI and computer labs warns that despite its unprecedented levels of success, the AI industry is merely “following a well worn hype cycle that we have seen again, and again, during the 60+ year history of AI.” More than likely, Brooks avers, advancements in the field will stagnate for many dark years before reaching the next huge breakthrough. That dry spell could make for quite a calamitous comedown for an industry that’s supposedly on track to be worth over $1 trillion by the next decade. “Get your thick coats now,” Brooks wrote in his scorecard, as quoted by The Los Angeles Times. “There may be yet another AI winter, and perhaps even a full scale tech winter, just around the corner. And it is going to be cold.” Dog Days Brooks made his original predictions on technological advancements as such: as happening by a specified year, as happening no earlier than a specified year, and “Not In My Lifetime” (NIML) meaning not before 2050. Then with each year that passes, he judges these as accurate, too pessimistic, or too optimistic….Robotics Expert Says AI Hype Is Due for a Brutal Reality Check

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