Rumor reaffirms new magnetic band system for 2024 Apple Watch

There have been multiple revelations about the next Apple Watch – the Apple Watch X, including a complete design overhaul and new health features. And now, a new leak says the 2024 models will feature completely redesigned bands.  Earlier this year, a Bloomberg report stated Apple is exploring a completely new design for the 10th anniversary model. The report said the redesign will include a new redesigned magnetic band system that would free up more space inside the chassis for new components or a bigger battery.  A new leak from Kosutami on X/Twitter corroborates this previous leak, casting doubt on the backward compatibility with current bands. Connectors of next generation of Watch has completely redesigned…Literally if you have old bands now, just sell it🤷‍♀️It’s 100% accurate— Kosutami (@KosutamiSan) December 20, 2023 Will old Apple Watch bands be no good for new models? The leak has also asserted that the reason for this change is the same as what Mark Gurman said earlier in the year – “current connectors take a lot of space.” We love the fact that Apple is working on new bands for the Apple Watch X besides the design overhaul. But it also opens the door to some new issues.  Since the dawn of the Apple Watch in 2014, the watch bands have come to have an ecosystem of their own. But the advent of a new band attachment system will mean they need to swap them out for good.  It means the current watch bands won’t…Rumor reaffirms new magnetic band system for 2024 Apple Watch

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