Run Windows on your MacBook with Parallels and save 20%

If you’ve ever contemplated running Windows alongside macOS or trampoline into Windows-only apps on your shiny Mac, now’s the time to jump. Ladies and gents, we present the 20% off Parallels deal – a limited-time offer for our software-hungry folks. Introducing Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac – the secret sauce that lets you run Windows and macOS simultaneously while playing nice with both Intel and Apple M-series chips. Editor’s Pick Parallels 4.5 A fast, easy, and powerful application for running Windows on your Intel or M-series Mac—all without rebooting. Includes 40+ one-touch tools to simplify everyday tasks on Mac and Windows. Check Availability KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale. Yes, it’s an all-inclusive, no-computer-left-behind kinda party! Slip into the world where copying and pasting text, drag-and-dropping files between systems, and cooing over compatibility is as easy as swiping right. Image: Parallels With Parallels Desktop, there’s no need to feel shackled to a single operating system anymore. Why choose when Parallels collides Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7 (as well as Linux, macOS, and more) into a world of endless possibilities? Eloped from the PC world to Mac? .stk-71faea0{background-color:#ff5acd !important;background-image:url( !important;background-attachment:fixed !important;background-blend-mode:overlay !important;min-height:0px !important}.stk-71faea0:before{opacity:0.8 !important;background-image:linear-gradient(90deg,#ff5acd 0%,#0800ff 100%) !important} .stk-fdea06f{margin-top:31px !important}.stk-fdea06f .stk-block-heading__text{font-size:22px !important;color:#FFFFFF !important;font-weight:bold !important;font-family:”Golos Text”,Sans-serif !important}.stk-fdea06f .stk-block-heading__top-line{height:2px !important}@media screen and (max-width:1023px){.stk-fdea06f .stk-block-heading__text{font-size:22px !important}}Want more deals like this one? Subscribe to our exclusive deals newsletter .stk-c7467c8 .stk-block-text__text{font-size:16px !important;color:#FFFFFF !important;font-family:”Golos Text”,Sans-serif !important}@media screen and (max-width:1023px){.stk-c7467c8 .stk-block-text__text{font-size:16px…Run Windows on your MacBook with Parallels and save 20%

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