Sam Altman Denies OpenAI Is Building AI "Creatures"

Creature Feature The mercurial OpenAI CEO Sam Altman got interviewed by The Advocate, and the whole thing is worth a read — but the most fascinating moment about his technical work was when the publication asked Altman about the biggest misconceptions about AI. Altman seized the opportunity to describe what he thinks is the biggest example, and it’s an interesting one: that many people are confused about whether AI is a “creature” or a “tool.” In his words: The biggest misconception about AI I think is there’s confusion about whether AI is thought of as a tool or a creature. It’s a better movie plot if it’s a creature in a sci-fi movie, for example. If you use ChatGPT, it’s clearly a tool. There’s still risks with tools, of course, but they’re of a different shape and a different kind of profile. And I think the popular misconception of AI as sci-fi is very, very different from people who have been using it as a tool for a long time. And by the way, I think it’s great that what we’re building is like a tool, because if you give humans better tools, they do these amazing things to surprise you on the upside and that builds all this new value for all of us. Tool Age The more closely you read the passage, the harder it is to parse exactly what Altman was saying. He doesn’t actually come right out and say that AI writ large falls into the tool…Sam Altman Denies OpenAI Is Building AI "Creatures"

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