Sam Altman Says AGI Will Invent Fusion and Make the World Wonderful

Concerned about the United States’ brimming culture war? According to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, you can go ahead and ignore it, actually — and instead focus on building artificial general intelligence (AGI), which would be AI that exceeds human capabilities, perhaps by a very wide margin. “Here is an alternative path for society: ignore the culture war. Ignore the attention war,” Altman tweeted on Sunday, encouraging readers instead to “make safe AGI. Make fusion. Make people smarter and healthier. Make 20 other things of that magnitude.” “Start radical growth, inclusivity, and optimism,” Altman continued, rounding out the optimistic proposition with a particularly Star Trek idea: “Expand throughout the universe.” Though it’s a little vague, Altman’s musing certainly seems to imply that successfully creating AGI would play a pivotal role in solving pretty much all of humanity’s problems, from cracking the fusion code and solving the clean energy crisis to curing disease to “20 other things of that magnitude,” whatever those 20 other things may be. (Altman had tweeted earlier in the day that “AI is the tech the world has always wanted,” which seems to speak to such an outlook as well.) And if that is what Altman’s implying? That’s some seriously next-level AI optimism — indeed, this description of the future could arguably be called an AI utopia — especially when you consider that Altman and his OpenAI staffers pretty openly admit that AGI could also destroy the world as we know it. To that end, the OpenAI CEO…Sam Altman Says AGI Will Invent Fusion and Make the World Wonderful

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