Samsung confirms Circle to Search may come to more Android devices

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S24 series a few weeks ago. The new Samsung headsets came with new features, including Circle to Search – a feature developed in collaboration with Google. It remained exclusive to the latest Galaxy handsets for a few weeks until Google rolled it out for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro owners.  Circle to Search is an innovative new feature that enables users to activate a Google search with nothing more than a gesture.  While the feature remained exclusive to the latest Pixel and Galaxy handsets, it was speculated the Circle to Search may come to more Android devices. Samsung has confirmed that speculation was indeed true in the latest press release. Samsung says Circle to Search not currently in active development for other brands Image: KnowTechie Although we finally have the confirmation, it’s no surprise to us as most Google features eventually seep into other Android devices. However, we were wondering when that would happen, and it seems we may have to wait a while. The press release confirms the feature will remain exclusive for most of 2024.  In the press release, the Korean company discussed how the Galaxy S24 sales have reached a new height in the Netherlands.  The pre-orders for the company’s latest Galaxy handsets have increased by an impressive 50% in that region of the globe. Then, Samsung mentions how the exclusive new Circle to Search feature has made the Galaxy S24 series unique. Ultimately, Samsung says the feature may become available…Samsung confirms Circle to Search may come to more Android devices

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