Samsung confirms One UI 6.1 global rollout will begin March 28

Samsung has officially confirmed the One UI 6.1 rollout for March 28 (via SamMobile) to make Galaxy AI and its exclusive features accessible to more devices in the Samsung ecosystem.  Samsung launched the Galaxy AI with the Galaxy S24 series. It consists of a suite of tools designed to enhance the Galaxy experience.  The most popular features include Circle to Search, which enables users to search for online information simply by drawing a circle on the screen.  Among other features, expect Live Translate, which enables real-time translation during phone calls and text conversations, removing the language barrier for smoother communication.  The Generative Edit is an AI-powered photo editing tool that enables users to remove objects, resize them, or even manipulate the background if necessary.  Finally, there’s Chat Assist. As the name suggests, it is an AI-powered keyboard enhancement that provides reply suggestions, translation, grammar checks, etc.  Which devices will get the One UI 6.1 update? Image: Samsung/KnowTechie Let’s address the elephant in the room – which Samsung devices will be eligible.  Well. here’s the complete list.  .stk-3836d06{–stk-icon-list-marker-color:#911d9c !important;–stk-icon-height:22px !important}.stk-3836d06 .stk-block-icon-list-item__content{align-items:center !important} Galaxy S23 Galaxy S23+ Galaxy S23 Ultra Galaxy S23 FE .stk-6ff3722{–stk-icon-list-marker-color:#911d9c !important;–stk-icon-height:22px !important} Galaxy Z Fold 5 Galaxy Z Flip 5 Galaxy Tab S9 Galaxy Tab S9+ Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Samsung has confirmed that the One UI 6.1 will start rolling out globally on Thursday, March 28, including in the United States.  Samsung says the One UI 6.1 update will first show up on unlocked and carrier versions…Samsung confirms One UI 6.1 global rollout will begin March 28

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