Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 confirmed by Bluetooth SIG database listing

It’s not a piece of new information that Samsung has been working on a new fitness tracker, and since day one, we have assumed the device to be the third iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Fit wearable, the Galaxy Fit 3. It seems our speculation was on point, according to the latest leak. A listing on the Bluetooth SIG database has revealed the very first use of the Galaxy Fit 3 name.  Several details regarding this upcoming Galaxy Fit 3 tracker from Samsung have already been leaked, including a few high-quality renders and colorways. We even know the battery capacity is higher than its predecessor, the Galaxy Fit 2, launched back in 2020. Galaxy Fit 3 listing doesn’t reveal much more than Bluetooth 5.3 support Source: Bluetooth SIG Database The listing on the Bluetooth SIG database not only revealed the very use of the Galaxy Fit 3 name but also a few other key details.  The listing has revealed the model number – SM-R390 for the company’s upcoming fitness tracker and that it will support Bluetooth 5.3. While the name and the Bluetooth 5.3 support were rumored earlier, this is the first evidence to support that information.  However, the Bluetooth SIG database is only concerned with Bluetooth connectivity, so the listing doesn’t reveal too much key information.  That said, a SIG listing leak arrives almost every time before the product’s launch, indicating the Galaxy Fit 3 launch is imminent, likely within a few weeks or months.  Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S24…Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 confirmed by Bluetooth SIG database listing

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