Samsung Galaxy Ring announced; Oura responds to new competition

Samsung’s new health device, the Galaxy Ring, has been rumored for a while, and at yesterday’s event, the Korean tech giant officially announced the device, showing off its sleek and stunning design.  As usual, the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event was stuffed with several exciting announcements, including the stars of the event – the Galaxy S24 series and Galaxy AI. The company also announced various other services and features. However, the event’s biggest surprise was the Galaxy Ring. The surprise Galaxy Ring announcement Image: Samsung/YouTube Samsung spent the final phase of the show discussing Samsung Health. The company is bringing groundbreaking improvements to health tracking with the implementation of the Galaxy AI.   However, before the speaker finished his talk and the event came to an eventual end, Samsung announced the Galaxy Ring.  Based on the presentation, Samsung isn’t going out of its way to make the ring look different.  It’s a traditional-looking smart ring with a shiny chrome-like exterior, and all the expected sensors will be available inside.  However, the design of the smart ring is pretty much all we got. It probably was a last-minute addition to the presentation as Samsung didn’t provide any details about the device’s capability, the price, or when it will launch.  Oura responds to Samsung’s announcement  Besides Samsung’s Galaxy Ring announcement, the second exciting event of the day would be Oura’s response to its new competitor. Oura has been a pioneer in the smart ring space. Wasting almost no time, Oura CEO Tom Hale provided the following…Samsung Galaxy Ring announced; Oura responds to new competition

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