Samsung Galaxy S24 will get both Qualcomm and Exynos chips

Samsung is all set to launch the Galaxy S24 series next year, and the latest leak has revealed the company is even planning an early January launch (usually, it’s February) to compete with the Apple iPhone 15 series.  While previous leaks have revealed multiple details about Samsung’s next flagship series, one key detail still remains unconfirmed – the chipset.  The battle is between Qualcomm’s latest flagship chipset, and Samsung’s own. Thanks to a Qualcomm executive, we are now sure the S24 will feature both chips, but not how exactly Samsung will divide up the variants. Initially, it was speculated that all the Galaxy S24 series would get a Qualcomm chipset, which would power those AI features it may be getting. Later, it was revealed the vanilla model would get the Exynos globally, while the rest of the models would get Qualcomm. The chipset debacle doesn’t end here. Recently, it was revealed Samsung would split the chipset based on region besides the Ultra variant. It means all the models in the US get Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, while the rest of the world gets Exynos chipset.  Qualcomm and Exynos confirmed for the Galaxy S24 series  Image: SmartPrix During an earnings call, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon stated we know that some Galaxy S24 models will see Exynos processors. We’re happy with our partnership with Samsung. There’s the upcoming launch of the GS24 (Galaxy S24). We expect to have the majority share.  Through this statement, Amon reveals that Qualcomm will only have…Samsung Galaxy S24 will get both Qualcomm and Exynos chips

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