Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 to get a third variant and more storage

Samsung will reportedly add a third model to its next Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch 7, lineup.  Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 series is one of the best Android smartwatches you can get, which only features two models with multiple variants separated by size and connectivity.  However, according to a report by Sammobile, the Korean company may release three versions of the Galaxy Watch 7 this year. Bumped up internal storage for the Galaxy Watch 7 Image: KnowTechie We will never say no to a new Galaxy Watch. However, the three versions of the Galaxy Watch 7 will be further divided based on connectivity (Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus eSIM).  According to the outlet, there will be six models of the Galaxy Watch 7 this year with the following model numbers.  The model numbers for the base variant are SM-L300 and SM-L305, while SM-L310 and SM-L315 are for the middle variant, and SM-L700 and SM-L705 are for the flagship variant.  In addition to a new Galaxy Watch version, the outlet says Samsung could also bump the internal storage on its next smartwatches.  Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 comes with 16GB of internal storage, which is more than enough for a smartwatch.  However, Samsung could bump up the internal storage to 32GB for the Watch 7 series, a considerable upgrade.  The report also discusses a few older rumors, like the Watch 7 being the first Samsung smartwatch to sport a 3nm chip, which could make it more power efficient, and it could also run…Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 to get a third variant and more storage

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