Samsung may bring a new type of OLED screen to its 2025 phones

Samsung may introduce a new type of OLED panel to its Android smartphones in the second half of 2025. Apparently, these new OLED panels are designed to reduce power consumption and are termed blue phosphorescent OLED or PHOLED.  According to Android Authority’s report, these OLED panels are quite different and even reduce the power consumption significantly compared to the OLED currently available in the markets.  Samsung’s PHOLED panels consume less power but have a shorter lifespan The company currently sells OLED panels with green and red phosphorescent sub-pixels. However, the blue diodes still use fluorescent materials, making the whole display less efficient. But, these new blue phosphorescent diodes offer an internal luminous efficiency of 100% compared to 25% on fluorescent materials. It was widely speculated that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 in 2024 would feature these new blue phosphorescent OLED panels. However, the latest report from The Elec tells otherwise. According to the report, a development delay has pushed Samsung to postpone the deployment until 2025.  So, we might just see these new power-efficient OLED panels on the 2025 Samsung foldable.  While the Korean company is the first to develop the groundbreaking blue phosphorescent OLED, there’s a concern. Apparently, these new OLED panels have a significantly shorter lifespan compared to the current OLED panels using fluorescent blue diodes, at apparently only 55% of the lifespan. In addition, some industry experts also believe due to the short lifespan, Samsung’s new blue phosphorescent OLEDs may not…Samsung may bring a new type of OLED screen to its 2025 phones

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