Samsung updates Quick Share on Windows ahead of new release

Google’s Nearby Share and Samsung’s Quick Share are unifying, but the process is still not complete yet. However, Samsung is already gearing up for it as the company updates its Quick Share app on Windows. Samsung’s Quick Share has not only existed on the company’s Android tablets and handsets but also on the company’s Windows-based Galaxy Book series laptops.  Although the app supports PCs with Intel-based Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and is available through the Microsoft Store, Samsung is already laying the foundation for its new app.  Samsung’s Quick Share update on Windows only consists of a new logo Image: Microsoft Store According to the folks at 9to5Google, who were also the first ones to notice the change, Samsung is setting the foundation for its new version of Quick Share through an update that has changed the app’s logo.  The new logo will be used under the Samsung/Google banner. The same logo is already available on the Galaxy S24 series and comes activated out of the box.   Although Quick Share and Nearby Share are similar features, there are a few significant differences. The biggest difference is Samsung’s Quick Share only works with Galaxy handsets. The second biggest difference is in the number of devices. While Google’s Nearby Share is limited to one device at a time, Samsung’s version allows you to share with up to five devices simultaneously. Lastly, Nearby Share allows you to share 500 files/day of unlimited size, while Samsung’s version is limited to 1GB for a single transfer…Samsung updates Quick Share on Windows ahead of new release

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