Samsung’s In&Out Flip concept reimagines its flip phones

Samsung is no stranger to CES. Every year, the Korean tech giant has a sizable presence and the CES 2024 is also no different. This year, Samsung has shown everything from AI to robots to transparent televisions. However, what caught our eye was the new foldable phone reveal from Samsung that takes the Galaxy Z Flip and improves it exponentially.  The device the company showcased at the event is called the Samsung In&Out Flip – probably a temporary name conjured up for the event. Samsung In&Out Flip has a slicker and slimmer design  The In&Out Flip is a phone that folds 360 degrees and is a product of Samsung Display. What that means is that unlike the traditional flip phone, this new device from the Korean tech giant folds out fully, eliminating the need for a cover screen as the primary folding display folds outwards. According to Samsung, due to using a single display the device is sleeker and thinner. In the words of a Samsung representative,  “In&Out Flip is a technology that can provide a new alternative for consumers who prefer bar-shaped smartphones due to the thickness of foldable products. When folded outwards, both the front and back of the product can be used as a screen, creating a new user experience.” CNET has a neat hands-on video of the concept flip phone. Samsung also boasted about the In&Out Flip’s durability by stating that the panel went through folding tests in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to…Samsung’s In&Out Flip concept reimagines its flip phones

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