Say goodbye to lost & found: Slash $20 off Apple’s AirTag 4 pack

If you’ve ever downed that last cup of joe and can’t remember where you placed your keys, Apple’s AirTag Pack might become your new best mate. For a limited time, you can score an Apple AirTag 4 Pack for $78.99, a tasty markdown from the usual $99. These nifty devices link to your iPhone or iPad faster than you can say “blink!” Once you do, finding your wayward objects becomes a lot more manageable. With a tap or two on your device, the AirTag’s built-in speaker starts singing. Not loud enough? Siri’s got your back. Apple AirTag 4 Pack 4.5 $99.00 $78.99 Apple’s AirTag is a sleek, disk-shaped Bluetooth tracker that allows you to keep tabs on your most important belongings with the help of the Find My network. What We Like: Seamless integration with Apple ecosystem: AirTags work effortlessly with the Find My app on iOS devices, making it easy to locate lost items within the Apple ecosystem.It finds you lost stuff: The U1 chip in Apple AirTags enables Ultra-Wideband technology, allowing for more accurate and precise location tracking when used with compatible iPhones.Highly customizable: AirTags can be personalized with free engraving, offering a unique touch to each device. Additionally, numerous accessories and cases are available to suit different tastes and preferences.Strong privacy features: Apple has designed AirTags with user privacy in mind, ensuring that your data is secure and only accessible by you.Killer battery life: With a replaceable CR2032 battery, AirTags boast up to one year of battery…Say goodbye to lost & found: Slash $20 off Apple’s AirTag 4 pack

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