Scary AI Can Look at Photos and Figure Out Exactly Where They Were Taken

Pinpoint PrePIGEON A trio of Stanford graduate students have made a powerful AI that can guess the location of a wide variety of photos with remarkable accuracy. Known as Predicting Image Geolocations (PIGEON), the AI is trained on Google Street View¬†and can effortlessly pinpoint where photos were taken, even outwitting some of the best human “geoguessers.” The developers claim their AI can correctly guess the country where a photo was taken 95 percent of the time, and usually within a startling 25 miles of the real location. They also note some of its potentially game-changing applications, such as assisting in biological surveys or quickly identifying roads with downed power lines. For all its very useful potential, though, it sounds like a privacy nightmare waiting to happen, with some experts fearing the abuse of such AI tools in the hands of the wrong people. “From a privacy point of view, your location can be a very sensitive set of information,” Jay Stanley at the American Civil Liberties Union told NPR. Guess to Success The students were inspired by the online game GeoGuessr, which drops players into a random location on Google Street View and has them try to guess where they are by pinning it on a map. To create PIGEON, they took a neural network called CLIP, made by ChatGPT creator¬†OpenAI, that learns about images through text and trained it using Street View. “We created our own dataset of around 500,000 street view images,” Silas Alberti, one of the Stanford…Scary AI Can Look at Photos and Figure Out Exactly Where They Were Taken

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