Scientists Caught Generating “Academic Papers” Using ChatGPT

AIvory Tower With those AI-generated images of a supersized rat dick and now with papers blatantly written by ChatGPT or other chatbots, the academic community clearly has a huge AI problem. As 404 Media reports, AI-generated papers are being passed off not only in low-quality academic journals, but in some reputable ones as well — highlighting not only the increasing prevalence of AI, but also of existing issues about quality, admissions standards, and pay-to-play business structures in academia as well. Over the past few weeks, researchers have taken to X-formerly-Twitter to showcase the problem, which is easily revealed by searching Google Scholar, the search giant’s journal database, for giveaway phrases like “As of my last knowledge update” and “I don’t have access to real-time data.” In one post by the blog Life After My Ph.D., numerous papers with the phrases were apparent. It gets worse. Apparently if you search "as of my last knowledge update" or "i don't have access to real-time data" on Google Scholar, tons of AI generated papers pop up. This is truly the worst timeline. — Life After My Ph.D. (@LifeAfterMyPhD) March 18, 2024 Mixed Bag When looking through the journals highlighted by the blogger, it appears that some are predatory, as folks in academia call journals that will publish just about anything for the right amount of money — but others, it seems, aren’t as clearly full of crap. As 404 notes, at least one paper seems to be so blatantly copy-pasted from a chatbot that the…Scientists Caught Generating “Academic Papers” Using ChatGPT

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