Seven zero-waste apps contributing to the food industry of the future

It’s time to face the truth: we have a massive food waste crisis on our hands. And while the food industry is one of the biggest culprits, ordinary people also contribute to this problem. Many of us don’t think about what we buy and consume and throw away expired food.   As a reaction to this, there has emerged the zero-waste movement. Its representatives are striving to find a way out of this threatening situation and actively promoting healthier attitudes to consumption. Its main aim is to minimize trash output—and one more good news. The power of information technology can help us solve this problem. There’s no better tool to help us than innovative software. With it at hand, we can track and monitor food waste like never before. Digital tools help businesses pinpoint areas where they can make improvements, avoid needless spending, and cut waste. So, it’s a win-win way out for everyone involved. Addressing the problem: the need for state-of-the-art software It’s hard to believe that while millions of people worldwide struggle with hunger, we waste over 30% of food each year. The resources needed to produce it, such as human labor, fertilizers, or machine capacities, are being wasted.  What’s more, the problem manifests itself throughout the entire supply chain, from production on farms to consumption. This has drastic results: methane, which is 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide, is produced from decomposing food over a 20-year period. So, it’s not just an ethical issue; it’s an economic…Seven zero-waste apps contributing to the food industry of the future

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