Short Videos Are Good For Platforms And Bad For Almost Everyone Else

Short-form videos are taking over social media. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have all gotten redesigns to be more like TikTok. The apps, and sites now showcase walls of videos from people you don’t know. This article is based on the below video. This is my old man yells at clouds moment, but I have lost track of how many times I’ve seen total strangers, not friends of mine, not Facebook friends, and not celebrities that I am aware of showing off their “Teenage Dirtbag” photos when I open the Facebook app. I don’t care about this content at all, but the algorithm thinks I do, or perhaps wants me to care. As I said in a short-form video (If you can’t beat them, join them), I believe that all these networks are cloning what worked on TikTok. Short-form content allows for more ads, and short videos take away some of the relationships with creators, making the intimate relationship with the platform rather than the creator.  Creators can leave a platform and take some users with them, or bring bad press to the platform for any number of reasons. Commoditizing content is platform risk mitigation. So, platforms are pushing short vertical videos for users to batch consume, without audio 15 seconds at a time from the comfort of our respective toilets.  Certainly, some creators have used shorts very effectively to grow audiences. Many podcasters and longer-form creators have syndicated portions of podcasts, finding tons of additional views and presumably at least some growth of awareness. …Short Videos Are Good For Platforms And Bad For Almost Everyone Else

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