Sing in the shower with AiDot’s OREiN OL005 bathroom fan

As you combat the pesky mirror fog post-hot shower, imagine your exhaust fan transforming into your personal DJ, ready to play your favorite tunes. Yes, it’s not just a fan – it’s a speaker too! Picture your morning shower turning into a concert with crystal-clear sound. Transform your bathroom into a backstage dressing room or a mini concert hall with the included LED lights that change color. The OREiN bathroom fan by AiDot seamlessly combines practicality and fun, offering a unique bathroom experience. Ever wish every functional thing at home could be a tad more entertaining? OREiN OL005 bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker 4.4 $249.99 $229.99 OREiN Bluetooth Bathroom Exhaust Fan excels with 110/160 CFM, suitable for rooms up to 160 sq. ft. Its bright 1500lm LED light, adjustable color temperature, nightlight, and Music Sync mode offer a personalized and efficient bathroom experience. The high-quality components ensure whisper-quiet, long-lasting performance. Ideal for residential use, it eliminates moisture, leaving no steam or fogged mirrors after hot showers. See at Amazon See at AiDot 01/19/2024 02:38 pm GMT Features Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie High efficiency The OREiN bathroom fan runs quietly at a speed of 160 CFM, effectively managing the air quality inside one of the hardest rooms to manage. It’s powerful enough for bathrooms or rooms up to 160 sq. ft., ensuring long-lasting, high-quality performance even in those larger spaces. Quiet operation Running at 1.0 sones, the OREiN bathroom fan is designed for quiet operation. If you’re not familiar with…Sing in the shower with AiDot’s OREiN OL005 bathroom fan

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