Slate: Professors Fighting AI Essays

In an article that comes across like a sci-fi short story written in the style of an essay Nikki Usher a professor worried about the potential impacts of generative AI on education reflects on the experience of encountering a paper ‘written’ by an AI. Professors Are Grappling With an Excruciating Assignment The writing sounded like the typical 3 a.m. word-vomit of course concepts—the sentences relaying a superficial understanding at best of what we had done this semester and the argument only vaguely responsive to the prompt. It was the sort of paper that usually makes me wonder: Did this student even come to class? Did I communicate anything of any value to them at all?Nikki Usher, May 4, 2023, The post Slate: Professors Fighting AI Essays appeared first on Mason Pelt.Slate: Professors Fighting AI Essays

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