Snag an Amazon Fire TV streaming stick for up to 40% off

If you want to give your TV a little more smarts, now’s your chance to own a Fire TV streaming stick for way under retail value. Amazon offers a variety of options depending on your needs (HD, 4K, etc.), and saving some money is never a bad thing. With any of these options, you get access to the best streaming services, as well as live TV apps and more. .stk-7fadc89{background-color:#ebebeb !important;background-position:bottom right !important;background-repeat:no-repeat !important;background-size:10% !important;box-shadow:0px 5px 5px 0px rgba(76,31,83,0.3) !important;padding-top:5px !important;padding-bottom:5px !important;margin-top:32px !important;margin-bottom:32px !important}.stk-7fadc89:before{background-color:#ebebeb !important}.stk-7fadc89 .stk-block-icon{flex-basis:57px !important} .stk-2d6548b .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child{opacity:0.7 !important}.stk-2d6548b .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child,.stk-2d6548b .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child :is(g,path,rect,polygon,ellipse){fill:var(–stk-global-color-56583,#911d9c) !important} .stk-181ab1b{box-shadow:none !important;margin-top:16px !important;margin-bottom:6px !important}.stk-181ab1b .stk-block-heading__text{text-shadow:none !important;font-size:17px !important;font-weight:500 !important;font-style:normal !important;font-family:-apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,”Segoe UI”,Roboto,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif,”Apple Color Emoji”,”Segoe UI Emoji”,”Segoe UI Symbol” !important}@media screen and (max-width:1023px){.stk-181ab1b .stk-block-heading__text{font-size:17px !important}}Amazon hasn’t provided a date for when this sale ends, so it might be best to snag one of these deals as soon as possible. HD Fire TV streaming devices on sale If your TV doesn’t support 4K, getting one of the following HD models should cover all your needs. You still get HDR 10 and 1080p streaming at 60 FPS. Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite $29.99 $17.99 The most affordable Fire TV Stick is still packed with features. You get HD streaming, a basic Alexa Voice remote, and access to all of your major streaming services. Check Availability KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale. 12/16/2023 07:05 am GMT Fire TV Stick…Snag an Amazon Fire TV streaming stick for up to 40% off

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