Snake Oil Sales Dominant Social Media

Snake oil sales dominate social media to the extent that burns my eyes. Instagram booty models want me to buy a useless detox tea, and if you call out a guru selling the word salad to success, they will flag your YouTube video for copyright infringement. All while the MD’s of Twitter, are either cringing or causing the cringing of credible medical professionals. And everything is rewarded by the AI’s that control search engines and social media.  Instagram is a place where fitness and health go to die, and people leverage their 15 minutes of fame to extract as much milk from the social media cash cow as possible. If you don’t have an impressive deadlift, you could use fake weights, but that comes with a risk of discovery, better to do back squats perched atop an exercise ball. Physical pain will never hurt as much as the scorn of followers catching, you, their beloved emperor naked. As long as they don’t find out you’re nude, you can sell them branch chain amino acids!  If only these moronic, fitness “experts” documenting their awkward gym moments didn’t appeal to an audience of decidedly not fit people. The dangerous exercises performed for likes on the gram and sales of mostly useless supplements have grown prevalent enough that commenting on the stupidity is now a subgenre on YouTube.  For some unknown reason, perhaps just the design of the simulation we live in, most fake fitness experts are named “Vence”, while those providing reasoned…Snake Oil Sales Dominant Social Media

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