Some company is paying 23andMe $20M for your DNA data

23andMe, the company best known for telling you that you’re not as Italian as your grandma insisted, has just landed a cool $20 million from GSK Plc. Why? For a one-year golden ticket to their treasure trove of consumer DNA data, reports Bloomberg. So, why does GSK care about your DNA? It’s not because they’re trying to clone an army (as far as we know), but because this genetic data could be the key to new treatments. By combing through this genetic treasure trove, GSK hopes to discover new pathways to fight diseases. This partnership has already borne fruit, fast-tracking a potential cancer drug to clinical trials in just four years, a veritable sprint compared to the industry average of seven years. But, like any good deal, there’s fine print. Any discoveries GSK makes with the 23andMe data will now be GSK’s property. But don’t worry, 23andMe isn’t walking away empty-handed – they’ll be pocketing royalties on some projects. And here’s the cherry on top for 23andMe: the deal with GSK is non-exclusive. That means they can play the field and license their DNA library to other drugmakers. After all, why limit yourself to one suitor when you’re the belle of the ball? Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe’s CEO, sees this as a testament to the power of genetics to transform health. And with a monoclonal antibody drug they developed independently currently in clinical trials, it’s clear they’re not just talking the talk. Have any thoughts on this? Drop us a line…Some company is paying 23andMe $20M for your DNA data

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