Spotify now offers free audiobooks to Premium subscribers

Spotify is turning the page and diving headfirst into free audiobooks. That’s a nice bonus for your increased subscription costs, right? As of November 8, 2023, The company announced its US Premium subscribers can cozy up with 15 hours of free audiobook content each month. That’s right, there is no extra charge for a monthly dose of spoken literature. The Verge and Publishers Weekly are singing the same tune, reporting that Spotify’s latest feature includes a hit parade of bestselling titles, making up around 70% of the selection. With over 200 million subscribers tuning in, Spotify isn’t just whispering sweet nothings—it’s potentially reshaping how audiobooks could soon be potentially delivered. Spotify adds more value for subscribers with free audiobooks Audiobooks are now included in the US, UK & Australia if you have an eligible Spotify Premium plan! Discover 200,000+ titles with 15 hours/month of listening. Get the lowdown on Audiobooks by checking out the latest episode of Spotify Tips + Tricks:— SpotifyCares (@SpotifyCares) November 8, 2023 The BBC chimes in, suggesting Spotify’s move could be the plot twist that the booming audiobook industry didn’t see coming. Imagine millions of Spotify users getting their first taste of audiobooks, all thanks to this new feature. So, what does this mean for indie authors and smaller publishers? Will they get a seat at this narrated banquet, or will the big players hog the spotlight? On social media, the crowd is divided. Some are ready to swap their reading glasses for headphones, while others are giving it the…Spotify now offers free audiobooks to Premium subscribers

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