Spotify to bring back in-app payments for iOS users in the EU

Music streaming platform Spotify is about to become a whole lot better for iPhone users in the European Union thanks to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) rolling out on March 7. One of the top complaints about Spotify has been the difficulty in subscribing to and buying things through the app on iPhones. However, the DMA means that Spotify will finally be able to share details about offers, subscription prices, or even where or how to buy these, giving users an easier experience, the music streaming giant announced. With the DMA prohibiting the ~30% tax imposed by Apple, Spotify can now communicate directly with users about subscription offerings, product prices, deals, and promotions in the app. Users can expect clear information on prices for things like Premium subscriptions and audiobooks as well as new products for sale, promotional campaigns, superfan clubs, and upcoming events. Image: Spotify Spotify users in the EU can also look forward to hassle-free in-app payments. They will be able to buy a Premium subscription or an audiobook, as well as upgrade from an individual to a Duo or Family plan to save money with a couple of easy clicks. With the new rules, Spotify can now give artists and authors increased exposure to new audiences and help them build a fandom of listeners and audiobook fans. This is one of the first moves that will put a stop to Apple’s overcontrolling tendencies when it comes to apps installed on its devices. Spotify decided to stop using…Spotify to bring back in-app payments for iOS users in the EU

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