Steak-umm Uses Deepfakes to Make Vegans Devour Meat

Eat Up In a bizarre public service announcement, the Steak-umm meat brand created deepfake videos of vegans eating meat — and then played those same manipulated videos back to the horrified vegans, who were not at all pleased. As Adweek reports, the meat brand known for its uniquely viral approach to social media strategy has again outdone itself in a collaboration with the ad agency Tombras meant to bring attention to the dangers of AI manipulation (and, of course, to sell Steak-umm products.) In the PSA, a group of vegans are brought into a nondescript building and filmed discussing their commitment to their dietary choices. The tables turn, however, when the participants are shown being brought sandwiches purporting to be full of Steak-umm brand sliced steak and canned cheese spread in the class Philly cheesesteak style. Suddenly, those same vegans are seen devouring the meat hoagies and espousing the “moral” nature of eating animals, with some declaring their love for animal products. The clip flashes back to the vegans in question after they watch the clips of themselves appearing to eat meat, with participants insisting that the “gaslighting” videos are not of them. Turn Tables As the video proceeds to explain, the sandwiches subjects had been brought were actually completely vegan, but using that same footage, the Tombras team was able to manipulate the videos to make it look and sound like the participants were really into eating meat. In the PSA’s accompanying website, DeepSteaks.AI, Steak-umm explains that it’s raising awareness…Steak-umm Uses Deepfakes to Make Vegans Devour Meat

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