Streaming Super Bowl 2024? Expect more delay than play

The Super Bowl will be at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be the first Super Bowl at the stadium, creating an exciting atmosphere for Super Bowl 58. That said, streams of Super Bowl 2024 will likely lag behind the picture shown on network TV. Expect a base five-second delay if you’re watching on cable TV. Live TV always has a built-in delay to censor anything that shouldn’t be shown in its timeslot. If you upgrade your streaming subscription or get a new smart TV to watch the big game, you might be disappointed that the delay will likely be over 50 seconds, regardless of the streaming service. Check out the graph created by Phenix below that shows average lag times for last year’s Super Bowl. They might have a vested interest in making other solutions look bad, as they’re a company that builds the infrastructure for real-time video and sports betting. However, the data still looks damning for streaming companies. Super Bowl 58 will have a similar stream lag to previous years Image: Phenix Streaming lag is a big issue for real-time events like the Super Bowl, with every streaming service delayed behind the action. The streaming services for Hulu with Live TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and even the NFL’s app lag over 50 seconds behind broadcast. FOX Sports was faster at just under 24 seconds, as they were the network responsible for broadcasting the Super Bowl in 2023, giving them a heads-up over the competition….Streaming Super Bowl 2024? Expect more delay than play

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