Sunil Paul Lead Spring Free EV Breaches Contracts Without Hesitation

Update March 21, 2023: Despite Spring Free Ev’s Lawyer Rob Sayles stating that Spring Free EV disputes Push ROI’s version of events, Spring Free Ev and Sayles have turned down at least six separate offers to correct any information they dispute. On knowledge and belief the below email sent on behalf of Spring Free EV August 12, 2022 was not sent out of any actual dispute of facts. The events described, remain undisputed by Spring Free EV. Thinking of working with Spring Free EV or Sunil Paul? Before you do, understand they don’t honor their contracts. In November of 2021, representatives for Sunil Paul’s fintech startup Spring Free EV negotiated and signed a contract with Push ROI. The agreement, a draft of which Spring Free EV first received on November 17th, received multiple edits at the request of Spring Free EV’s representative Cassandra John. When Sunil Paul signed the contract on November 29th, it had been negotiated in completeness and became binding when signed by myself on November 30th. Download the full contract Only after the contract was fully executed did Spring Free EV’s representative Visrin Vichit-Vadakan, demand I sign an adhesion contract on behalf of Push ROI. The new adhesion contract overwrote some terms of the already executed agreement. Visrin Vichit-Vadakan informed me that Spring Free EV would terminate that executed agreement if I didn’t sign this never-before-mentioned document on behalf of my firm. Spring Free EV had no contractual means of ending that agreement with Push ROI for…Sunil Paul Lead Spring Free EV Breaches Contracts Without Hesitation

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