SwitchBot Hub 2 is ready for primetime, preorder and save 15%

SwitchBot has launched the Hub 2, a Wi-Fi-based hub that supports Matter, a new smart home standard. The Hub 2 makes SwitchBot products Matter-compatible, enabling users to control their devices via Matter on Apple Home and Google Home. SwitchBot’s Hub 2 isn’t your typical smart home hub. In addition to being Matter-compatible, the Hub 2 comes packed with an array of advanced features that help simplify home life. For instance, you can add a variety of infrared remotes to the SwitchBot app. This feature lets you control home appliances like TVs and air conditioners with voice commands via Alexa or Siri. The Hub 2 can also trigger preset scenes in the SwitchBot app and control other SwitchBot ecosystem products, such as the SwitchBot Bot and the SwitchBot Curtain. And the company has more products in the pipeline to support Matter in the coming months. Image: SwitchBot The SwitchBot Hub 2 is a great addition to any smart home system. With Matter support and the the rest of its other features, it’s surely an attractive option for new and existing SwitchBot customers. The Switchbot Hub 2 costs $69.99 and is available now at Amazon and the company’s website. KnowTechie readers can save 15% with promo code MQ15HUB2, which can be applied at either site. SwitchBot Hub 2 $69.99 SwitchBot is now Matter compatible. That’s a big deal because it allows its affordable smart home gadgets lineup to work with the new smart home standard.Promo Code: MQ15HUB2 (expires 5/10) Check Availability See…SwitchBot Hub 2 is ready for primetime, preorder and save 15%

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