Taylor Swift Has Threatened Legal Action Over AI and Fake Nudes Before

This week, outrage has brewed online over AI-generated porn images of Taylor Swift — and as it turns out, some of the alleged forces behind the disgusting images may have felt threats of the artist’s legal wrath before. As reports about the controversy indicate, many of the phony Swift nudes that ended up on social media were also uploaded to a site called Celeb Jihad, which has long been a spot for digitally altered images that purport to feature lascivious images of famous women. Back in 2011, when these facsimiles were created by simply photoshopping a celeb’s face onto nude photos of other women — all done, of course, without the consent of either — Swift’s legal team was said to have threatened Celebrity Jihad posting fake “leaked” topless photos of her. As TMZ reported at the time, the artist’s lawyers sent the grody website a letter demanding it take down a post titled “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?” saying that it contained “false pornographic images and false ‘news.'” Whatever ended up happening between Celeb Jihad and Swift back then seems lost to the ages now, but it wasn’t the last time Swift got battle-ready over the alleged misappropriation of her likeness. In a 2019 memoir, Microsoft president Brad Smith described a teachable moment he experienced regarding Swift when the singer’s representatives contacted him three years prior, threatening legal action over the company’s millennial chatbot named “Tay.” These days, Tay is the stuff of legends, a pre-ChatGPT exercise in AI chaos…Taylor Swift Has Threatened Legal Action Over AI and Fake Nudes Before

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