Tesla cybertruck rolls out to the public market

Tesla’s unique creation, the Cybertruck, has officially hit the streets. The first Cybertrucks were delivered to customers on November 30, 2023, in Austin, Texas, signaling the end of a seemingly endless wait since its 2019 unveiling. Elon Musk himself was on-site for the launch, and he didn’t hold back in his praise for the new arrival. As reported by Business Insider, Musk described the Cybertruck as one of Tesla’s most outstanding products, even going as far as to say it’s their “best.” Demonstrations at the event highlighted the Cybertruck’s durability against various extreme conditions, promoting its “bulletproof” and “apocalypse-proof” features. But what else is this truck capable of, and more importantly, how much does it cost? Image: Tesla Tesla Cybertruck features Outside of its cyber punk futuristic design, the truck features a unique design with a 6-foot-long bed, extra storage space under the bed, and a tonneau cover that follows the angular shape of the car to the tailgate. Other features including towing capabilities, bulletproof doors, and remarkable straight-line performance. Hee’s a quick rundown of some of the most talked about features. Ultra-Durable: It sports an ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel exoskeleton that is incredibly strong and resistant to dents and damage. Armored Glass: The Cybertruck comes with high-strength, polymer-layered “Armor Glass” that is stronger and more chip-resistant than regular car window glass. Streamlined Design: Its design is a far cry from traditional trucks— all sharp angles and no curves, it looks like a futuristic tank. Up to Six Seats: The Cybertruck offers seating for…Tesla cybertruck rolls out to the public market

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