That Startup Run by ChatGPT Doesn't Seem to Be Doing So Great

That startup being run by ChatGPT is still going — but from the outside, it looks like kind of a mess. To recap: about two weeks ago, self-described “AI soothsayer” Jackson Greathouse Fall took to Twitter to announce that he would be commencing what he described as the #HustleGPT challenge. Basically, Fall would ask ChatGPT to start a business, with only $100 to start. He’d get directions from ChatGPT on how to grow and scale the business, and act as the bot’s “human liaison,” to follow its bidding. The project went viral, with AI bros calling it a “god mode” use of ChatGPT, and at first Fall was posting regular updates that gave a sense of momentum. But at this point, he hasn’t posted a new update since last Wednesday — so we’re starting to wonder what’s going on with the project. For one thing, even when he was still posting updates, progress was sounding iffy. His last update last week, for instance, claimed that the company — a sustainable e-commerce website called Green Gadget Guru that ChatGPT directed him to set up — had generated $130 in revenue. Sure, that would be something, but assuming that Fall was working eight-hour days on the project, it still means that as of that update, he’d been making less than $3 per hour. At that rate, it’d be a long road toward making good for his investors, who he said had contributed around $7,700, nevermind turning a profit. In theory, a site like Green Gadget Guru could be roaring along by…That Startup Run by ChatGPT Doesn't Seem to Be Doing So Great

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