The $600 million legal battle: Meta versus Spanish media

Meta has had its fair share of lawsuits. It got hit in 2012 for tracking logged-out users. In 2015, Chia Hong filed for gender discrimination (via CNN). In 2020, the IRS pursued tax evasion. These are only a few highlights — if you can even call them that, of Meta’s ongoing legal troubles. So, what now? Let’s look at Meta’s current trouble in paradise that might cost them $600 million (via Reuters) from the voracious AMI publishing association. Yet another Meta data privacy matter Image: Unsplash Meta is no stranger to unethical data use across its social media properties, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Now, 83 Spanish media outlets are trying to reopen the wound. Why did Spain’s most prominent newspapers suddenly collaborate? Because Meta has blatantly ignored EU data legislation since 2018.  AMI wants Meta to stop pulling so much data from its platforms The dystopian-level personalized ads are evidence of Meta’s marketing monopoly. Spanish media companies are suing to give everyone else a chance at the limelight. But it’s about more than money and ad real estate. Firstly, Meta creates an impossible advertising landscape. Secondly, it’s not compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.  The consortium knows this because it sees ads using personal data without asking for consent. How can newspapers advertise ethically when there is unethical competition swarming every webpage? It’s hard to get away with that nowadays, even as the world’s leading adtech behemoth.  Too many stopgaps like this legal kerfuffle will prevent Meta from…The $600 million legal battle: Meta versus Spanish media

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