The Discover Samsung winter sale is back – save up to 35%

Strap on your snow boots and waddle your way over to the Discover Samsung Winter Sale because, baby, it’s cold outside, but these deals are hotter than a cup of cocoa in a snowstorm. Until December 17th, cash-splashing on shiny new appliances and tech can be as satisfying as finding out your favorite sweater is not, in fact, itchy. So, what’s up for grabs? Turns out, a whole bunch, but we’ll highlight everything we’re eying on. But for the impatient, here’s a little taste: Up to $1,400 off refrigerators Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra: $1,800 (save $600) Up to $600 off select monitors Up to $500 off Q-Series soundbars Up to $500 off dishwashers Samsung Jet 75 cordless vacuum: $330 (save $70) Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE: $400 (save $50) See? We weren’t kidding. Now, are you ready for the rest? Let’s get to it. Alright, for the audio aficionados who don’t want to hear anything but their tunes (or the sweet sound of savings), the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is slicing $60 off their price tag in all the colors of the rainbow. .stk-c430729{background-color:#ebebeb !important;background-position:bottom right !important;background-repeat:no-repeat !important;background-size:10% !important;box-shadow:0px 5px 5px 0px rgba(76,31,83,0.3) !important;padding-top:5px !important;padding-bottom:5px !important;margin-top:32px !important;margin-bottom:32px !important}.stk-c430729:before{background-color:#ebebeb !important}.stk-c430729 .stk-block-icon{flex-basis:57px !important} .stk-2d6548b{border-top-left-radius:9px !important;border-top-right-radius:9px !important;border-bottom-right-radius:9px !important;border-bottom-left-radius:9px !important;overflow:hidden !important}.stk-2d6548b .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child{opacity:0.7 !important}.stk-2d6548b .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child,.stk-2d6548b .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child :is(g,path,rect,polygon,ellipse){fill:var(–stk-global-color-56583,#911d9c) !important} .stk-181ab1b{box-shadow:none !important;margin-top:16px !important;margin-bottom:6px !important}.stk-181ab1b .stk-block-heading__text{text-shadow:none !important;font-size:17px !important;font-weight:500 !important;font-style:normal !important;font-family:-apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,”Segoe UI”,Roboto,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif,”Apple Color Emoji”,”Segoe UI Emoji”,”Segoe UI Symbol” !important}@media screen and (max-width:1023px){.stk-181ab1b .stk-block-heading__text{font-size:17px !important}}Pro Tip: If you’ve got old gear lying…The Discover Samsung winter sale is back – save up to 35%

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