The Failure Of Contributor Blogs And The Advantages Of Syndication

I’ve been exploring a syndication model posting on my own sites and syndicating broadly. Cory Doctorow uses this model to control his work. His ad- and tracker-free blog publishes long, excellent essays. These articles are syndicated to online hangouts where people already spend time. I love this approach. I’ve been using it for a while, publishing first on one of two websites, my own and Push ROI’s. My best articles are near the level of Doctorow’s average. Still, I take pride in my writing, and I try to create something worth reading. Publishing Hither And Yon I’ve published all over the net, some outlets paid me, some didn’t, and some operate primarily or entirely with content from unpaid contributors. I’ve had bad experiences with every single blog built on an unpaid contributor model. What’s more, I was working for free, screwing up the entire industry. I’ve written about topics including police body cameras, user experience, marketing tips, how Google search works, and more. Those links are to articles on SiliconANGLE, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and Push ROI (an ad agency’s site). None of those links are strictly necessary in this article. However, on most unpaid contributor blogs, only the link to the Push ROI site would be removed by an editor. The above-linked articles do not substantially differ in editorial quality. In fact, I spent more time researching and fact-checking the Push ROI article than the other three. It’s nice to work with a good, involved editor; at VentureBeat and SiliconANGLE I had that. At TechCrunch, I sent a…The Failure Of Contributor Blogs And The Advantages Of Syndication

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