The future of doctor checkups is home based

Look, we all know that simple doctor checkups are a nightmare, with extended wait times and issues with scheduling. Wouldn’t it be better if you could do simple checkups from home, with no doctor needed? Well, at CES 2024, multiple companies are trying to achieve just that. And they’re not all taking the same approach, which is great since it gives you options. Let’s dive in to what might be the future of home healthcare. NuraLogix Anura MagicMirror What if you could measure your health simply by looking at a mirror? If the Anura MagicMirror gets FDA approval, that could be a reality. This 21.5-inch smart mirror uses a camera to scan the user’s face when they sit in front of it. After about thirty seconds, the device analyzes blood flow to the face to give a report on your health. It can measure over 100 health parameters, from simple things like BMI, blood pressure, and heart rate variability, to more advanced metrics like facial skin age and assessments for hypertension, fatty liver disease, and diabetes. While NuraLogix appears to be focusing on industry partners like doctors’ offices or retirement homes at present, it’s not hard to envision this tech coming to a bathroom cabinet in the future. Withings BeamO Image: Withings For a home checkup device ready for the market, Withings has its new BeamO device. This “multiscope” puts four standard health devices into one. You get a thermometer, stethoscope, pulse oximeter, and EKG in one device with Withings’…The future of doctor checkups is home based

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