The Google App is getting a bottom search bar, says report

The Google App is one of the most popular apps on Android phones. It is the key to the Android search experience and comes preloaded on most Android phones globally, as part of the Google Mobile Services (GMS) suite of apps. The folks at TheSpAndroid spotted that Google had moved the position of the search bar on the new version of the Google App. Now, the search bar is at the bottom instead of the top.  Switching the Google App search bar position is a significant move  Image: Google However, the simple move of shifting the search bar to the bottom is far more significant than you may think.  First of all, the search bar is at the bottom, so it is easier to reach, and it is also Google’s silent acknowledgment that modern smartphones may have gotten too big for their own good.  It has reached a point where a UX element on the top half of the display does not provide the best conversion rates, i.e., users are seeing it but not clicking on it enough.  Hence, moving the search bar to the bottom is a significant change, making it easier to click on the box and improve the overall search experience.  Meanwhile, Google moved the Chrome URL bar to the bottom on iOS recently, while the Android version still features the URL bar on top.  We may be getting ahead of ourselves, but it seems a change is coming. While Google has only changed the search…The Google App is getting a bottom search bar, says report

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