The internet evolution: A decade of disappearing giants

The internet has been changing too fast. What it looked like ten years ago is nothing compared to what it is today.  A2 Hosting’s infographic on the most visited websites since 1995 visualizes these changes very well. Here are a few highlights: None of the most visited websites from 1995 is in the top 10 anymore (except for Yahoo!). Talk about pioneers! It’s fascinating to see how the internet has evolved over the years, leaving behind early trailblazers in favor of newer innovations. The fact that Yahoo! has been in the top 10 since the beginning of the internet is somewhat of a revelation. Why does no one talk about this enough? This sounds like a big deal! Yahoo!’s enduring presence speaks volumes about its resilience in the ever-changing online reality. The two local brands in the top ten are Yandex (Russian) and Baidu (Chinese). The list’s global diversity, showcasing the influence of regional players alongside multinational giants, is intriguing. Google has been #1 since 2011, asserting its dominance over the web for over a decade. The consistency of Google’s position showcases its significance in the world. Youtube (Google’s property) has been #2 since 2018. This means that Google has held the top two spots for five years now. This is amazing. One single company has been owning the web for five years. MySpace had a short but crazy run. It appeared from nowhere as #9, jumped to #4 the following year, held the spot for one more year, jumped…The internet evolution: A decade of disappearing giants

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