The ongoing saga of a persistent fake persona

whoever is making these fake accounts is certainly dedicatedOver the last three years, an unknown entity has created a series of very similar-looking inauthentic Twitter accounts, each with the same persona and behaviors (with minor tweaks). These accounts have a number of recurring characteristics:profile images are stolen photos, usually of random modelsaccount operator claims to be a healthcare worker or military service member (or both)account operator claims to be a female Democratic voter in New York Cityrecurring linguistic errors (“Ebstein” instead of “Epstein” when referring to deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, “Indonesian” rather than “Indian” as a synonym for Native American, etc)builds an audience by following large followback accounts, being included on follow lists, and spamming the replies of popular liberal accountstweets plagiarized photos of alleged petstweets plagiarized photos of protests and other events as “evidence” of attendancewhoever is running these accounts misspells Epstein as “Ebstein” for unknown reasonsthe @cheecierom account attempted to drum up interest in the Barr/Maxwell rumor via reply spamThe first known incarnation of this fake persona, @cheecierom, turned up in a July 2020 analysis by @ZellaQuixote and I of an unsubstantiated viral rumor that (former) U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr attempted to visit sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell in jail shortly after her arrest but was rebuffed by Maxwell’s attorney. The @cheecierom account, which played a role in the early propagation of the Barr/Maxwell rumor by spamming large accounts with the phrase “Maxwell’s lawyer said she does not want Bill Barr to visit her client in jail”,…The ongoing saga of a persistent fake persona

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