These content creators do not exist

none of these people exist, but that’s no barrier to being on FacebookMeet Stephanie Daltoso, Preston Lanier, Mark Siddle, Louis Rodriguez, Seam Chakriya, Mavin Jack, Ly Meng, Leticia Gamboa, and 30 of their closest friends, a coterie of Facebook acquaintances who, for better or worse, do not actually exist. These Facebook accounts, which variously present themselves as “content creators”, “digital creators”, and “video creators”, all have StyleGAN-generated faces as their profile photos. At least some of their content, which includes a mix of plagiarized photographs and AI-generated images produced by text-to-image models such as Stable Diffusion, is being algorithmically recommended by Facebook to new users.the Facebook accounts with GAN-generated faces have friends with GAN-generated facesMost of these alleged content creators have multiple other content creators with GAN-generated faces among their friends and followers. By starting with one account and recursively exploring the friend and follow relationships, one can map out this network of inauthentic accounts. This process yields a set of 38 Facebook accounts with GAN-generated faces, most of which claim to be based in either New York or Los Angeles. (There are also several “content creator” accounts with real photos rather than GAN-generated faces lurking in the friend lists of the accounts with GAN-generated faces. It is possible that these accounts are likewise inauthentic, but they are excluded from the present analysis.)don’t worry about getting Johnson Kayson and Kayson Johnson mixed up, because neither of them are real anywayThe majority of the GAN-generated faces used by this network have…These content creators do not exist

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