This city council member does not exist

the regime has no idea that they have awoken a fake Twitter accountAtlanta City Council member Gabrielle Prooth has lived an interesting life. According to the biography on Prooth’s now-suspended Twitter account @proogb, Prooth was born in Germany, went to school with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, was fired from CNN in 2018, and has three children. There are, however, two inconvenient problems with this story: first, no one on the Atlanta City Council is named “Gabrielle Prooth”, and second, the @proogb Twitter account used a GAN-generated face as its profile image. (“GAN” is an acronym for “generative adversarial network”, the machine learning technology behind tools such as real Atlanta City Council, which does not count anyone named “Gabrielle Prooth” amongst its membershipthis is an artificially generated face, not a city council memberHow can we tell that the “face” used by the now-suspended @proogb Twitter account is GAN-generated? The most obvious sign is the weird flesh-colored patches in the eyeglasses where one would expect the background to be visible. Additionally, the lenses aren’t the same shape, the visible ear appears to lack an ear canal, and the facial feature placement is consistent with unmodified StyleGAN-generated face images. (The latter anomaly is easy to see when multiple GAN-generated faces are blended together.)taking care of important Atlanta City Council business such as the Canadian trucker convoy and conspiracy theories about Biden and UkraineThe @proogb Twitter account frequently tweeted about politics — but not local Atlanta politics as one might expect an…This city council member does not exist

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