This Might Be the Reason OpenAI Fired Sam Altman

A warning to anyone with a penchant for side hustles: if you happen to be the CEO of the world’s preeminent AI creator, your board might not be thrilled with your extracurricular activities. It’s still unclear why Sam Altman, OpenAI’s recently-fired CEO, was pushed out of the fast-rising Silicon Valley AI company that he’s become more or less synonymous with. Altman was not only one of the AI maker’s original founders, but its public face, making press-heavy splashes at the White House, weirdly religious-sounding AI predictions, and overall leaning into his casting as the Oppenheimer of the burgeoning AI era. As such, his ouster was a surprise to pretty much everyone outside of OpenAI’s now-teetering board, including the vast majority of OpenAI employees, the CEO of the heavily OpenAI-invested Microsoft, and Altman himself. Upon Altman’s firing, announced Friday, OpenAI released a fuzzy statement — since updated — noting that a “deliberative review process” by the board had concluded that the charismatic leader was “not consistently candid in his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities.” It’s incredibly vague, and one that’s lent itself to intense speculation. Did the talk of not being “candid” mean Altman had lied to the company’s governing body? And now, one feasible explanation may have floated to the surface. As Bloomberg reports, prior to his shocking expulsion Altman had been spending time in the Middle East raising funds for a new chip venture billed as a competitor to Nvidia — a high-dollar…This Might Be the Reason OpenAI Fired Sam Altman

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