This SOOCAS electric toothbrush can floss & brush at the same time

In the ever-evolving world of personal tech, the SOOCAS Neos Electric Toothbrush is set to redefine oral hygiene as we know it. Launching on Kickstarter on May 15, SOOCAS is launching the world’s first electric toothbrush that combines brushing and flossing in one sleek device. The SOOCAS Neos boasts an innovative design that promises to deliver unparalleled cleaning results compared to traditional electric toothbrushes. However, with 40x more plaque removal, 10x increased dental gap cleaning, and 2x more efficient whitening, this toothbrush is set to revolutionize your daily dental routine. And for a limited time, early bird backers can snag this cutting-edge device for just $134, a significant discount from its regular retail price of $200. Synchronized brushing & flossing Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie At the heart of the SOOCAS Neos’ impressive performance lies its unique TriSync Structure. This advanced system consists of a FlowPulse Pump, MagVortex, and CompClean Brush Head. The FlowPulse Pump generates pulsed water flow, while the MagVortex utilizes high-frequency vibrations to powerfully clean teeth. Moreover, the CompClean Brush Head combines these two technologies, delivering a full-coverage cleaning experience that reaches even the most difficult areas of your mouth. Additionally, the HydroSonic Tech feature takes toothbrushing to new heights by using the high-frequency motor’s vibrations to create dense foam from toothpaste. This activated foam is then delivered into gum lines and dental gaps for more effective food residue and dental plaque removal, resulting in a superior clean. Harnesses the power of pulsed water Image: Daniel Cid…This SOOCAS electric toothbrush can floss & brush at the same time

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