Three Non Technical SEO Mistakes That Make Me Scream

As most blog posts about search optimization are either restating something Google or a Google employee said publicly; or very thin content in the hopes of getting links, I write very little about SEO. But with clients, I see a few non-technical SEO problems on repeat, and having conversations about avoiding these mistakes takes up a lot of time. So here are three non-technical SEO mistakes to avoid. Assuming people are searching for something The example I always give is a friend who wanted to start a travel blog called “strategic travel info” for the SEO value. The problem is that no one, at the time or now, seems to search for “strategic travel” — ahrefs shows under ten monthly global searches. And when I Googled the phrase in quotes, one of the only things that show up is a blog post I wrote years ago¬†using this strategic travel example. Using a name that includes three easily understood dictionary words has advantages. It’s easy to brand words people understand and can spell. It’s also possible that by using a name like “strategic travel info” for a blog that created a lot of high-quality content and was shared widely, that term would see a significant spike in search volume. We see this all the time with brand names; ahrefs shows “squatty potty” receives nearly 200,000 global monthly searches. Fame can generate searches, but don’t expect fame to be forthcoming unless you have the budget for a viral marketing campaign. If no…Three Non Technical SEO Mistakes That Make Me Scream

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