To find spam networks, go where the spammers are

despite the alleged demise of spam bots on X, stuff like this is easy to findHow does one go about finding spam networks on social media platforms? Sometimes, the direct approach is best — simply go where spammers are advertising or discussing their services and start poking around. In this article, we’ll use a BlackHatWorld post advertising “X NFT Followers” as a starting point and follow the trail to a group of cryptocurrency-focused spam accounts operating on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).you probably shouldn’t pay money for any of thisThe BlackHatWorld post offering “X NFT followers” includes a link to the website, which offers a variety of illicit social media services. These services are mostly focused on X and include likes, mentions, reposts/retweets (both terms are used on the site), quote posts, comments (also known as replies), followers, and Spaces listeners, with a specific focus on amplifying cryptocurrency/NFT giveaway posts. The site also offers a few spamtastic services for Instagram and Discord, including likes, reactions, and followers.tip: when viewing Google docs from untrusted parties, use a dummy Google account (or stay logged out entirely if possible)The website conveniently provides a Google spreadsheet containing a list of example spam accounts from the network, presumably so that prospective customers can get an idea of what they’re buying before making a purchase. This list also provides an opportunity to study the network and search for more accounts based on the characteristics of the example accounts. There are multiple ways…To find spam networks, go where the spammers are

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