Top 5 places to hide a Wyze camera on your property

Want to hide your Wyze Cam but not sure where to start? We’ve scoured the internet for some creative ways to do just that. See, while most security cameras are used as a visual deterrent, sometimes you want a stealthy camera so that it has more chance of catching a security issue. If would-be thieves decide to side-step the visible cameras, placing a hidden one in the places not covered by the obvious cameras will catch them in the act. Just make sure that putting a hidden camera on your property is legal in the state you live in. We wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble. Here are some great inspirations from Wyze cam users Here are the top 5 hiding spots or camouflage options for Wyze Cameras as tried and tested by the community. Inside a birdhouse Image: KnowTechie For outdoor use, you can place battery-powered Wyze cams inside a birdhouse, but be sure the hole is the right size for the camera lens. If you’re up to running wiring, you can also use wired Wyze cams in the same manner, but you’ll want to hide the cables; otherwise, your camouflage efforts will be spoiled. Inside a fake object like a plant or book Image: KnowTechie You can place the Wyze camera inside a fake plant housing (or fake rock, pot, or book). This works best for indoor cameras. When choosing a plant disguise for your Wyze cams, make sure: It won’t cover any of the primary functions…Top 5 places to hide a Wyze camera on your property

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